Kitten Match

It's time to spend some time with these adorable kittens in Kitten Match. Do you notice how lovely these enormous cat eyes are? Well, because that's the focus of the entire game, you better pay attention to how they appear! Can you match the identical kitties in this incredibly entertaining and adorable game?

Kitten Match

You may test your short-term memory and how much attention you pay to details in this game in addition to spending time with adorable kitties. Let's go if you're ready! To proceed to the next challenge, you must locate the identical kittens and match them. The cards that are face down are shown on the screen. You get to flip the cards face-up and get a brief glimpse of the cards whenever you begin a problem. To match the pairs, you must quickly memorize the cards and the cat images on them. To solve the puzzle, click on one of the similar ones in each image, then click on the other. You'll get a streak bonus and more points if you can match the same images several times in a row. However, if you make a mistake, the bonus is permanently lost. Do you believe you can win this game with a certain number of points?


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Adele Pietromartire

Fun, difficult, and very adorable! Levels and difficulties that are initially more challenging become simpler as your cognitive talents advance. It's the first game I've ever had on my phone, and I really like it. Renovations are wonderful with cats! I'm on the last one, so I hope they add more! Every update takes up so much space that eventually your phone will only contain this game. Give us the option to transfer the game to another device without having to start from scratch!